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Yu moving passion - the fourth "Kang Road will Cup" Badminton small mind


Summer has gone, a time when autumn.

        August 29, 2015, has become our traditions and characteristics of business and cultural activities of the "ROAD-WELL Cup" Badminton and Sports Centre Badminton Hall in Crown broke it! This is our fourth consecutive year of such badminton tournament.

        The tournament is divided into men's singles, women's singles, mixed doubles three projects, each project 8 group of players, a total of 32 people participating. All contestants are produced in accordance with teammates and opponents draw, fully reflects ROAD-WELL "fair, just and open," the core concept of corporate culture.

        To enhance the excellent level of the game, the game company specially set up a generous bonus, the winner of each individual cash reward of 1,000 yuan, 500 yuan in cash runner-up award. In addition, the company also prepared for each team a professional badminton sportswear, players can not win you can get a beautiful souvenir competition.

        Employees' health is always the ROAD-WELL great wealth, I believe that all employees together with ROAD-WELL "grow"!

The following is the game exciting photo:

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